Data processing & storage

Skill Units




  1. Relevant basic computer skills
  2. Appropriately start up and shut down computer.

    Navigate the operating system and start applications.

    Navigate file folders and perform basic functions of file management (create folder, copy, paste, move).

    File name and location structure.

    Create, edit and save files using word processor or spreadsheets.

    Navigate the web browser.

    Perform web searches and browse websites.

  3. Transfer data from SD card to computer
  4. Safely remove SD card from drone/camera/sound recorder.

    Sort SD cards after removing (place in labelled bags).

    Safely insert SD card into computer and find in file management.

    Create naming convention in computer file management to store SD card data.

    Copy SD card to appropriate location in computer folders.

  5. Pre-process data
  6. Drone site survey

    Navigating DroneDeploy website.

    Uploading photos to DroneDeploy.

    What is georectification and why it is needed?

    Georectify images.

    What are GeoTiffs and why they are useful?

    Create GeoTiff from images and download.

    Camera and sound survey


    Video camera survey


  7. Upload data to cloud storage
  8. Navigate folder structure in OneDrive or cloud storage.

    Upload data for training and classification and identify the difference.

    Upload data to the appropriate location.

    Validate that the appropriate action was triggered (data classification or dashboard update).